David & Gail Rogne

David and Gail served in foreign missions before their marriage in 1993. David served in various youth outreaches including a summer mission trip to the Native Americans in British Columbia, Canada. Gail spent several years in Ivory Coast, Africa with New Tribes Mission (now Ethnos 360).

They and their sons served two terms in Papua New Guinea. In the first few years, they learned language and culture, helped other missionaries in various ways and eventually ordained and discipled leadership for a tribal church. During their second stint in PNG, they ministered to and discipled local pastors in several locations.

After some years back in the USA, they went to Vanuatu in 2014, working with a mission to translate and record the stories of the Bible chronologically into 11 languages. They taught and worked with a diverse number of groups, helping build up and encourage national leadership.

Having recently helped translate and record the King of Glory movie into the nation’s main language, Bislama, their goal is to distribute this movie and its curriculum to the entire country — a big task in a nation of 65 inhabited islands! 

They now serve with International Gospel Outreach mission to teach, train, and assist the national people of Vanuatu to reach out to other islands and even to other nations!!

“Don’t just go SEE the world, go TELL the world.” - Patty Romaszka